Do you accept any type of housing assistance?

Yes, please call us to confirm what assistance is accepted.


How do I know what size unit I qualify for?

We base each unit size off family size.


How is my rent determined?

Rent is 30% of the monthly gross of all income. Including earned, social security, child support, etc.


What utilities are included?

No utilities are included. Utilities are completely up to the tenant.


Are the units gas or electric?

Every unit is totally electric.


What appliances are provided?

Refrigerator and oven.


What services are included?

Trash and mowing.


Are the units carpeting or tile?

Completely tile.


Do you provide internet services?

No. If internet is wanted, that is up to the tenant.



Do you have any type of social media we can follow for information regarding the housing authority?

We do have Facebook. You can find us at @kiamichihousing